About Paige Merchandising

Not everyone is a wiz at the internet - that's ok! Whether you know your way around a website, but just don't have the time; or, if you are just learning what a search engine is - Paige Merchandising has you covered.

Now, everyday people are marketing their businesses online. More and more people are living out their lives doing the jobs they love.

Join our community and let Paige Merchandising help you begin your business journey from start to success. With our knowledge of the online marketing and merchandising world, we strive to ensure your business sets you apart from the competition.

Bringing Digital eCommerce to Life

Strategy, design, technology, and marketing.

Our mission is to deliver eCommerce and marketing services and solutions to ensure every interaction is powerful, engaging, and productive. We start by understanding your aspirations and exploring what’s behind that vision to design tailored solutions that create ideas, immerse shoppers, and drive measurable results.

It’s all about customer experience. Our ability to create elegant interactions that inspire growth. We work collaboratively with clients as an extension of their teams.


Meet Ashli Paige White

Ashli Paige White is an online accessories boutique owner and jewelry blogger from Texas who has studied online retail merchandising for over 7 years.

Ashli has worked exclusively within the merchandising field for the past seven years, and in that time, has worked in a wide variety of positions for several large companies including J.C. Penny and Hilton. During her time as a website merchandiser, Ashli was responsible for brand launches, search engine management, and website fundamentals such as content updates and website reporting. Ashli also has account management experience maintaining numerous regional client portfolios.

After spending several years working in the corporate world, Ashli decided to quit her high pressure careers in 2018 and spent 6 months traveling and "finding herself". It was somewhere between starting, and self-hosting, her jewelry blog Sleeping with Jewelry and moving with her husband to North Carolina where Paige Merchandising began to come to life.

Ashli started Paige Merchandising to share her love and knowledge for website merchandising and online marketing with the world.

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Ashli Paige White

Founder & CEO

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